A Love-Hate Relationship with the Budget Airline

The charm of the budget airline is undeniable but it has also created a vicious cycle among people who are constantly struck with wanderlust. No matter how much we whine and groan about their inefficiencies, the truth is that we will find ourselves back on their difficult websites, frantically trying to book that $50 return flight.

In the past month, I was able to travel to three places. Out of those three flights, two were delayed (c/o Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines). The PAL flight was actually 3.5 hours delayed and caused us to lose one night. I’ve written an incident report to the airline to no avail.

ArtScience Museum, Singapore

Dumaguete, Philippines

Hong Kong

So why, even with these innumerable inconveniences, do we continue to patronize these airlines? It’s not the free airplane ball pen or the dancing flight attendants. It’s because, no matter how we much we bitch and curse, we know that these glitches are a small price to pay for that cathartic vacation that you badly needed, that long-awaited reunion with a loved one or simply the pleasure of seeing a different part of the world.

So until we can fly business class, we seat sale addicts can only hope for cleaner airport bathrooms, better airline giveaways and most importantly, better customer service.

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