Running Is Not A Cheap Sport

Whoever said that running was a cheap sport was probably not a runner. Unless you run like the Tarahumara‘s, all runners know that it doesn’t end with the shoe.

I started running because the sport seemed low maintenance and an easy way to lose weight. All you need are your feet, shoes (which have actually become optional) and the road, right? Wrong. Nowadays, running has evolved into a sport that requires deeper pockets.

When I was training for my first marathon, I found myself purchasing one item after another, all of which seemed necessary at that time. My first large purchase was a Garmin GPS watch which I got on Amazon for approximately 6000Php.  It allowed for more fulfilling runs since I could monitor my mileage more accurately.  This was quickly followed by a chain reaction of wants, disguised as needs- a hydration belt (1,300Php), an iPod shuffle (3000Php), sweat proof earphones (1000Php), compression pants (4000Php), dri fit tops (2000Php), caps (800Php) running sunglasses (3000Php), titanium necklaces or bracelets (1200Php), ID bracelets (600Php) and nutrition gels (120Php). It was probably by the fourth item that I realized that running was causing me more than I expected.

Our reward to ourselves after finishing our first marathon - new running shoes!

Seeing my list of accumulated expenses, I now ask myself if these were all necessary and, I would have to say, “yes” to most of them. One could probably do without the running “amulets” and fancy clothes and accessories but one thing a runner shouldn’t scrimp on are the shoes. The proper pair of running shoes can dictate your perspective towards the sport and can contribute to more efficient and injury-free runs. The wrong pair of shoes can completely turn you off from running and the right one’s can make it feel almost effortless.

So if you’re thinking of getting into running, don’t raid the nearest running store for accessories just yet. Focus on finding the right shoe, which by the way, doesn’t have to be the most expensive one. As long as it feels comfortable and supports your foot type, then that should be good enough to start with.

At the Secondwind Running Store, where I purchased most of my running garb and gear.

It all begins with the right shoe.

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