900Php at the Weekend Market

I woke up late today and only had one hour left until the weekend market closed up. So with my lingering birthday hangover, I braved the 1PM sun and rushed over to the market. Refusing to lose any more time at a bank machine, I decided that the 900Php in my wallet would have to do. I was very pleased to come home with a lot of goodies.

So what did 900Php get me?

Lots of food!

180Php for half a kilo of tanigue steaks

our fave forest ham sandwich for 140Php

Kesong Puti for 110Php

3 bags of french beans, chilies and ginger for 175Php

Wild blueberries, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, onions and a lemon for 200Php. I got the onions for free as a birthday gift :)

I was very shocked to find out that 4 potatoes cost 75 Php! 

bananas for 50Php

a glass of watered down fresh dalandan juice for 40Php

I got home with 5Php in change, happily stocked up the fridge and planned my menu for the weekend. Time to get cooking!

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