When Quality and Service Go Bad

On their Facebook page, ArmyNavy Burger Inc. describes their restaurant as a quick-service restaurant specializing in a unique burger+burrito concept. Their mission: Come in Hungry, Walk out Happy!

The ArmyNavy Burger management team needs to pay the Glorietta 5 branch a visit. Unless they want to be accused of false advertising, then they badly need an assessment and overhaul in quality and service. Either that or they change their catch phrase.

Allow me to recount my first, and maybe last experience at ArmyNavy Burger.

1) It took this supposedly quick-service restaurant 30 minutes to bring out one burger, one vegetable burrito and onion rings. I understand that there were a lot of customers but they could have at least warned their hungry customers of the unusual wait. Either that or you stop taking orders and wait until your kitchen catches up with the orders.

2) The vegetable burrito that I ordered was supposed to have beans, vegetables and rice. The burrito that I got only had lettuce, salsa and rice. NO BEANS. It was also served cold.

3) The onion rings tasted like fried lard. It didn’t taste of onions at all and were not seasoned with salt or pepper. We could not even finish a very small serving.

4) Tables were wet and untidy. Condiment bottles were all sticky and dirty.

5) Staff was not rude but they were not friendly either.

I hope this post serves as an impetus for consumers to be more proactive about giving feedback regarding a business entity’s service. Whether it is good or bad service, it is our responsibility to let the establishments know about their performance. Otherwise, we don’t really earn the right to complain about bad service because we never asked for the good kind in the first place.

One thought on “When Quality and Service Go Bad

  1. Whenever your in the BF paranaque area, try Drift Burger – you wont regret it.. Army Navy’s burger almost has no seasoning in/on them – Drift’s taste is in the patty.

    I think one can google Drift Burger for their address.

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