A Well-Paying Job

Taken during their 7th grade field trip to China. Even back then, they were already so close.

My day as a teacher starts at daybreak. I get in the shower, eyes half open, and mentally prepare for an eventful 8-hour day. A regular day is filled with classes, papers to grade, meetings to attend and numerous curve balls thrown by students. I live in a world where lunch dates don’t exist, only 40-minute breaks where I can barbarically shovel food into my mouth. Although the kids get dismissed at three, we work and plan, sometimes until the weekend

We teachers often complain and bicker about how exhausted we are; about being underpaid and about how we wish for career changes. But the truth is that we are the lucky ones. We after all, get paid vacations, typhoon days, are showered with gifts during Christmas and sometimes, Valentine’s Day. But most importantly, we get to witness students evolve from being rambunctious children into caring, mindful and creative individuals who are sometimes, still rambunctious.

Taken during the Sagada field trip where a lot of the locals were impressed with their excellent behavior.

This school year, I bid a tearful goodbye to my homeroom class and to the entire 8th grade batch. It has been a roller-coaster ride filled with laughter and tears, scolding and praise, fear and excitement, senseless gab, revelations, heartbreak and life lessons that we will hopefully mold US into being better individuals. I wish them all the best as they go through high school, where they will encounter more challenges, develop relationships and ultimately, apply everything that they learned here in middle school.

In the end, it’s not how much or how little we earn as teachers that matter. The relationships that we build with our students are more than enough. I am extremely honored to have taught such a remarkable batch.

Thank you, 8s. You guys will truly be missed.

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