What’s Your Dream Job?

This year, I celebrate a decade of being a teacher.

I first started teaching out of necessity, more than anything else. I had just gotten back from a 5-month break abroad and was clueless to what I really wanted to do.  Since I was jobless, I was often tasked to pick up my nephew from preschool. I’ve always enjoyed being around children, and as I observed the teachers, all I could think of was, “I can do that!” I applied at that preschool and the rest is history.

Since then, I have moved on to teach the primary years and now, middle school. I love my job and often say that I can’t imagine doing anything else but that’s not completely true. There are other things that I can do but, because I’ve already invested so much of myself in the field of education, choose not to.

So with that in mind, I’ve come up with a list –

Top 10 Jobs That I Would Do If I Wasn’t A Teacher

10.  Event Organizer – I am a proactive control freak who is capable of running a tight ship.  The trade off is that I will be extremely stressed, unhappy and bitchy.

9.  Volunteer at the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) – Although that might not be a paying job, that is something that I would like to do. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing maltreated and malnourished cats and dogs.

8.   Theater Actress and Singer – Growing up, I only had one dream – to be in musical theater. I wanted to study music but was not allowed to. Summer workshops were as far as I went. My biggest singing gig was when I was included to be in a back up choir for a popular local singing group. Given the chance and given that I’ve still got it, I would definitely want to be part of a Broadway show.

7. Executive Assistant – I once worked as an EA for a jewelry designer in California. That was a particularly fun job since we got to participate in events like the Oscars, trunk shows in Vegas and often dealt with popular clients. I worked late hours but at that age, sleep didn’t really matter. I would love to be an EA for someone like Richard Branson.

6.  Food Stylist – With my love for food and photography, this makes the most sense. I don’t know why I haven’t done it.

Bakery from the movie, It's Complicated directed and styled by Nancy Meyer.

5.   Specialty Food Storeowner – I want a store much like Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa in West Hampton. If not, a store inspired by Nancy Meyer will do.

4. Baker –  I actually started a small cupcake business that lasted for only a year. I refused to delegate any work and did all the baking and packaging myself. I would bake hundreds of cupcakes at one time and would end up crying while frosting my cupcakes.

My cupcakes

3.   Travel Writer – This is Wanderlusts’ dream come true. Anyone who gets paid to travel is ridiculously lucky.

2.  Food Critic – I think I know food well enough to be able to give a good critique. I am blessed with a good palette and can consistently point anyone towards the direction of good food. Plus, who wouldn’t want to eat food for a living?

1.  Wildlife Photograher – To work for National Geographic as one of their wildlife photographers is my dream job. I find so much joy in traveling and being amongst nature. To capture these in photographs would be absolute bliss. If only I had the money to buy more lenses.

Being a teacher might not be my dream job but I consider myself quite fortunate that I enjoy what I do. I wake up most of the time looking forward to seeing my students and colleagues and that matters a lot. I hope that always remains true.

So, what’s your dream job? 

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Dream Job?

  1. Hmm. Thinking about it now, I’d also like to be a professional athlete at the Nike Campus. I might not look like one now but if that’s what I did for a living, I bet I’d be good at it.

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