Of Airports and Passports

Here I am, at the Taiwan airport, for a 3 hour layover. I’m slightly light-headed after devouring a generous serving of duck with rice. I’m beating myself up for eating when I wasn’t really hungry in the first place, but that’s what holidays are for, right?

The flight coming here was surprisingly pleasant. Never mind the chatty old man I was seated with. He was actually nice and even got me a deck of cards. I was also very thankful for Eva Air’s large seats. The seats are so much more comfortable than PAL’s that it might actually be a fair trade off for the layover. Will definitely consider that in the future.

I have another hour or so to kill and I plan to just wander aimlessly or maybe, towards gate C7 for efficiency. I love nice airports and just browsing through stores, contemplating whether or not I should purchase the duty free items. This airport is also filled with Hello Kitty merchandise that I have to stop myself for shopping impulsively for my little niece.

So I’m off! In about 12 hours I will be with my brother, sister, nephews and niece and I can’t wait. I am just a flight, perhaps a couple of movies and a couple of Tylenol PMs away…

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