The Perfect Date

Yesterday was absolutely perfect. After saying goodbye to the Doreys, we made our way towards Vancouver where Mike seemed to have everything all planned out. All I had to do was sit and wait.  We were headed to Stanley Park for a leisurely bike ride, and although I am not a fan of biking, it was one of the best ways to see this famous landmark. So bike, I did.

bike ride around Stanley Park, Vancouver

The 9k ride around the park was relaxing and I was glad to get some exercise in. Stanley Park was busy with families, couples and quirky locals, and it was interesting to see all the different nationalities converge for some much needed fun in the sun. We wove through the crowds full of locals and tourists alike and listened to colorful sounds of the park. It was a gorgeous day and I was grateful for such a warm welcome. After the ride, we headed deeper into the city for a hearty brunch at Milestones.

Prime Rib Hash at Milestones, which was featured in Top Chef Canada

Full from brunch, we headed out to Whistler. Mike was unusually quiet and hardly asked me to check the map for directions. I assumed that he just knew his way well enough so I dozed off to sleep. Upon reaching Whistler, I asked Mike for the name of our camp site but he continued to be vague. Still, I didn’t suspect anything and figured that I should just stop asking questions. A few minutes later, he parked at a hotel and said that he needed to use the little boy’s room. Little did I know, we were checking into a junior suite.

View from our room. Whistler on a rainy morning.

We were directed to our room and I was still in shock and speechless at such a sweet and thoughtful gesture. We spent the rest of the evening soaking in the hotel’s hot pool and later on enjoyed a simple steak dinner that I prepared in our hotel room’s kitchen.

steak dinner in our hotel room

This was such a wonderful break and certainly a highlight of this trip. I will always look back to this surprise and think happy thoughts.

Thank you, MPQ.


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