The Trip of A Lifetime

To say that I was anxious about our summer road trip is an understatement. I had so many fears and apprehensions. Just the idea of being completely out of my comfort zone almost made me wish that the trip was not going for as long as it was. I was also terrified that being in too many new and unfamiliar situations would strain my relationship with the boyfriend or worse,  cause a break up. I often joked that this trip was the “Make or Break” trip, and it was. Thankfully, after 4,657 miles and 28 days of being on the road, I am ecstatic to say that we made it.

When you are on the road for hours and hours, you inevitably contemplate the past, present and the future. As I stared at the vastness and beauty of the places that we visited, I couldn’t help but dwell on how blessed I have been. Life hasn’t always been easy for me and God knows that I’ve had my share of horrible stories but Life sure made up for all that during this trip. I’ve seen some magnificent views, met such wonderful people who I wish to keep as friends and, have shared the experience with someone who I love and only hope to see more of the world with.

Jeff and Mike on top of Christmas Hill. One of the most spectacular views that I've ever seen.

Enchanting Arbutus trees on Sooke, Vancouver Island BC

Dewy morning hike at Sooke, Vancouver Island BC

Martha's Creek, Revelstoke

View of the Rockies from Sulphur Mountain. Pictures don't do it justice. It was absolutely breathtaking.

This trip has taught me so much much more about trust, tolerance and the necessities in life that I feel like I am (hopefully) evolving into a better version of myself.  I am also now able to read maps quite well, which is truly remarkable since my inner compass is non-existent and there couldn’t be a worse geography student than me. And although I am close to broke, I am brimming with joy and gratitude.

One of my favorite photos of this trip because of the people in it. It was also very amusing watching them try to get the bird feeder out for the photo.

So thank you, Universe for allowing us to see your immense beauty. Thank you Kindness and Generosity for living in our friends’ hearts and homes, and thank you Love and Patience for helping us to be more understanding when we were all worn out. It has been an amazing journey and one that we will always remember with much fondness.


3 thoughts on “The Trip of A Lifetime

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