An Ode To Our Campervan

It’s been two weeks since our road trip ended and I’m still over the moon about all that has happened. No amount of pictures and recounting will give justice to our amazing summer. It is definitely one of those you-had-to-be-there kind of thing. I miss the mountains, the fresh air and the hunt for the state parks. But most of all, I miss our camper van, Wild Woody.

A portrait of Wild Woody, taken at Juniper Creek

For twenty five days, Wild Woody was our home and our security blanket. He instantly made us feel safe and comfortable that we always had a good night’s sleep. Although tacky-looking, Wild Woody caught many people’s attention and paved the way for many lively conversations. He also had a knack for capturing hippie hearts on the road.

Mike, preparing Wild Woody for our great adventure.

Wild Woody was equipped with a sink, fridge and shelves for our supplies.

I feel extremely attached to Wild Woody since he was there as my relationship with Mike grew. He was there as we became more aware of the love that was clearly manifesting itself during campfires, beautiful sunsets and long, quiet drives. And when fights did erupt, he became the place where talked, made an effort to understand and eventually said, “Ok, that’s enough. Fight is over.” So, in a strange way, I do consider our camper van to be a large part of our relatively young love story.

We love Wild Woody!

So even if having Wild Woody around cost us a pretty penny, it was definitely worth it.  It would have been a completely different experience without him around.

Escape camper vans give you the "freedom to sleep around."

For once, I’m really glad that Mike didn’t listen to my suggestion.

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