A Teacher’s Work Is Never Done

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – a teacher’s work is never done. I promised myself that weekends would be meant for relaxing and that I would, as much as possible, never work at home. Things are not looking too good for this weekend.

Pre-meditated work on my old, faithful laptop.

We got through our first week of classes but it feels like we’ve already been doing a month’s worth of work and I am already yearning for that four day break. I blame this on my renewed zeal for my job that some people misunderstand as an invitation to take on responsibilities beyond my job description.

Taking on a challenge to refresh their minds on the Design Cycle.

Yet beyond my possibly hormonal rant is the anticipation of things to come. Majority of this year’s middle schoolers are enthusiastic, promising and as always, inspiring. Light bulbs of realization are beaming  and I am hearing less and less of cricket sounds. I am extremely challenged to arouse and sustain my students’ interest, which is why I am at home on a Saturday, working.

Students' thoughts on the Design Cycle.

So the truth is that there is nothing to complain about and instead, so much to look forward to – a new school year, an abundance of learning opportunities for the students and myself, the chance to work with new colleagues and a new headmaster, and the hope to improve as a teacher.  Because even after eight years of teaching, there is still so much to learn.

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