I Wish My Polaroid Would Work

My student shared this video with me as she was researching on Polaroid cameras today. It’s interesting to see how these cameras work.

I wish I had film for my Polaroid camera.

Since I don’t, Poladroid will have to do. Here are some old photos that I’ve converted into Polaroids.

 Patty Pat and the other women. I miss him terribly.

And his gorgeous wife, JessMo, too.  Someone take me to Portland, now. 

My one and only bff.

And my one and only love with his Movember stache.

My baby loves. Nobody likes to leave Target.

2 thoughts on “I Wish My Polaroid Would Work

  1. Hey! I recently posted about Polaroid cameras. Have you heard of the Impossible Project? They bought one of the Polaroid Manufacturing Plants located in Holland and created the Impossible film. check this website out. http://shop.the-impossible-project.com/shop/ it’s really cool. They’re still early on on this venture and they still haven’t achieved whatever film chemistry the original POlaroid films had, but they’re pretty good. Or you can gamble on buying expired Polaroid films in Amazon. I think exp 2005 films are ok. now one of my friends in the Philippines sent me this link where the PX films (Impossible films) can be ordered. http://shop.the-impossible-project.com/shop/
    I hope this helps so you can use your Polaroid camera again.

    The Poladroid app works nice though. Keep me posted.

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