How To Have The Perfect Weekend

If there’s one thing that I learned last week, it’s that I should take my weekends more seriously. My newfound enthusiasm for work took it’s toll on me and I found myself too exhausted to do anything else, making me nearly unpleasant. Not good. So this week, I made a conscious effort to strike that balance between work and having a life and I’m happy to say that my grand plan was achieved.

So here are my recommendations for a perfect weekend.

1. Plan your work week ahead.  Plain and simple. Being prepared pays off and I had a worry-free weekend. All work and no play sucks big time!

2. Be productive. If there are errands that you need to accomplish, get them done right away. That way, you can still have the rest of the weekend to play.

I'm finally done moving out of my old apartment. Goodbye, 408 keys. Hello, 10A.

2. Get some quality couch time. Everybody needs some good couch time where very little thinking is involved. I spent Saturday night watching the last two episodes of The Game of Thrones and Ep. 4 of The Mega Fashion Crew. Nothing like brainless activity to rehabilitate the weary soul.

3. Get a good workout in. This coincides with #3. You need to compensate for all that couch time. So take an hour or so and break out into a good sweat. There’s nothing like a good endorphin high and feeling good about yourself.

I went to Forma twice this week! Yay for fitness! The Sunday workout was the best. Can't wait to go back!

4. Make time to see your friends. It doesn’t matter whether you have one friend or a whole barangay catch up with, just make time to socialize. It’s always good to keep in touch and I don’t mean Facebook.

Went to visit my friends and caught them sound proofing the music room.

5. Make time for your loved one. Last week was horrible as I would come home and just pass out. This weekend, I made sure that we were able to go out for a proper dinner and catch up over good food and wine.

6. Do something you enjoy. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend and cooked up a storm. For Sunday lunch, I made a mean pork adobo care of CJL. Best recipe I’ve ever tried!

The best pork adobo I've ever made. Pass the white rice, please!

I feel amazing that I got so much done this week. What’s even better is that I’m ready to take on another work week. Bring it on, Monday!


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