One Fine Day

It all started with a morning run. Since Carla and I signed for a 10k race (well, I haven’t officially signed up, but I am committed), we made plans to do do our training runs together. This morning was a short 5k run, but we’ve both been out of the running loop so it was going to take longer than usual. Fortunately, it was a painless run and we passed the time exchanging stories and just taking in the morning sun. It felt wonderful to be out on the road again.

I also convinced Carla to try out a Forma class with me. So with our muscles warmed up and the endorphins pumping from the run, we jumped into an intro class with my favorite instructor, Viella. It was exactly what I needed – a slower class but challenging still, allowing me to focus on improving my form. The 55 minutes went by quickly and I was happy to hear that Carla enjoyed the class and didn’t hate me for subjecting her to muscle burn. After class, we headed to the weekend market and grabbed some fruits and veggies, feeling healthier than ever.

Carla and I after a run and Forma.

On my way home, I couldn’t help but reflect on how happy I’ve been feeling and I know it’s because of the fact that I am getting back into shape. I am extremely grateful that my six month hiatus as a couch potato is over!

So thank you, Carla for helping me get back on the road again. I hope you don’t hate me tomorrow (on your birthday!) from all the Forma-induced pain. I’m really glad we’re running again.


More about Plana Forma . . .

I’ve been talking a lot about Forma and figured that I should probably give a brief review on it. And in case you haven’t noticed, I am hooked.

Forma was patterned after a fitness program called Physique 57. It is a 55 minute workout that allows you to tone and lengthen your muscles by using weights and other props. The objective is to overload the muscles to the point of exhaustion and to stretch right after, preventing the muscles from bulking up. Each class allows you to target your abs, legs, thighs (yes, they love working out the thighs!) and your behind so you always get a full body workout.

A lot of the poses are dance-inspired, which is great for dancers, but for someone as ungraceful and as uncoordinated as I am, the first few classes can feel a little awkward and strange. Thankfully, most of the people in the room are as challenged as I am so I never feel out of place. The instructors are also very diligent with correcting each person’s form.

What I love the most about Forma are the instructors. The quality of the workout is consistent among all of them and although they each have their own style, they all have a unique way of challenge their class. They are all professional and are excellent when dealing with their students. I also look forward to hearing their playlists, which really help with keeping everyone engaged during the workout. Viella had me when she played The Bird and The Bee and Bernadette won me over when she played Damien Rice.

Forma is perfect for people who enjoy a dynamic and challenging workout and for those who want to tone up. It’s done a lot of good for my mind and body and that is worth every painful muscle that I get from each class.

3 thoughts on “One Fine Day

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  2. My favorite part was the “Move like Jagger” — I concentrated on singing along (silently in my head not to scare people) and that got myself away from the pain and torture. (Here it is if you want to have a listen:

    I gotta say, I’m so out of shape that running those 3.5 miles was a LOT more challenging than the class. I remember when those were “easy” days…

    I like how in your picture I have a bunch of money on my lap. That’s how I roll, throwing money around! (Ok, not really.)

  3. Oh my, I was very distracted by the hotness of the vocalist of Maroon 5! ha ha

    I think by next weeks, our runs will be a lot easier :) But we must pat ourselves on the back for finishing today!

    Have a great trip and birthday, you high roller :P

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