How A Prank Might Get Me A Yashica-D

My boyfriend loves going through Craigslist. There was a week when  he was on it a lot and kept finding the most random items. I, on the other hand, don’t care for it and never had the patience to look at all the listings. But one day, he showed me something that caught my attention.

And here is a glimpse of the thread that followed this message…

I wanted it badly and asked Mike to inquire. This was the response.

Sounding too good to be true, I was hesitant and suspicious. I was completely aware of Mike’s penchant for playing tricks on me and was wondering if the teacher in him just wanted me to write an essay on photography for no good reason. So I delayed, but he kept asking and insisting that I write that letter. So without putting much effort to the letter and just stating my love for film cameras, I sent a reply.  I refuse to publish what I wrote here as I find the letter a little embarrassing. Minutes after I sent the letter, a response came in from the owner of the camera. Surprise! Surprise! Recognize the sender’s name?

He then, proceeded to show me his Dad’s actual email.

Just as I had suspected, Mike was playing an elaborate but extremely sweet prank on me.

After realizing that the camera was real and actually belonged to his father, I   became giddy and excited at the thought of owning a Yashica.  It isn’t officially mine just yet but I’d like to think that my boyfriend set up this elaborate prank for a reason.

Here’s a better look at the camera that will hopefully, be mine.

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