Halloween On A Haunted Island

Siquijor is a small island located in the Visayas, Philippines. More than it’s white sand beaches, it is a mystical island that is supposedly home to shamans, witches and sorcerers. Aswangs other mythical creatures are known to roam the island and people who come to visit are forewarned. Typically indifferent towards these fabled ghouls, I stared to wonder whether there was any truth to their existence and whispered a little prayer as I set foot on the island. Thankfully, none of these ghouls appeared and I was welcomed by nothing but blue waters.

We purposely booked ourselves at the most luxurious resort on the island and wanted some pampering. But after a day of vegging by the pool, we knew we had to get acquainted with the locals. Siquijor is so small that one can easily tour the island on a motorbike within a day. In four hours, we saw three out of the six towns and witnessed the charm of this little province.

Old trees add to the mystical charm of the island.

One of the breathtaking treasures on the island - the Cambugahay waterfalls.

Serendipity at it's best.

Halloween on a haunted island turned out to be quite magical. There were no ghostly sightings, just splendor and charm, care of Mother Nature. I am now led to think that these ghost stories are just part of a ploy to preserve something so beautiful. So unless you’ve got first hand stories to tell of the spirits of Siquijor, I’m going to believe that my theory is true. After all, if you had this in your backyard, wouldn’t you want to protect it, too?

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