My Favorite Filipino Dish

I was recently left home alone with no one to cook for but myself. Our menu at home consists mostly of western recipes so I became excited and somewhat nostalgic about my planned dinner. I went to the grocery and bought the ingredients for my favorite Filipino dishpaksiw na bangus. Soon after, the apartment was filled with the familiar aroma of vinegar and ginger, and I was quickly brought back to the house that I grew up in.

I remember that whenever I would come back from a long holiday, my mom would always ask me what I wanted to eat when I got home. Along with warm garlic fried rice,  paksiw was always at the top of the list. Bacon and eggs never elicited this much of affection from my family.

Not long after making this, I came across this blog post. It was a refreshing feature on Filipino cuisine and I was happy to see someone with a similar affinity for this homely stew. I can name a long list of my favorite Filipino dishes but this one is closest to my heart.

What’s your favorite Filipino dish?

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