Why Wednesdays Should Always Be A Holiday

Thanks to one of the Philippines’ national hero, Andres Bonifacio, weary workers around the nation were able to sleep in on a Wednesday. Now why this isn’t a standard practice worldwide is a mystery. Having a mid week break allows people to recharge, causing two more days of productivity as opposed to three slow and weary days. I think this calls for a petition.

I made the most out of this free day and slept in til 11am. This wasn’t difficult  as the boyfriend and I hosted a Movember party last night. It was a successful riot!

The gentlemen of Movember

The ladies were not out-stached

When we finally managed to drag ourselves out of bed,  we called in for some authentic junk food to replenish all the lost sodium. It was the perfect start to a slow day. We then proceeded to clean and vacuum the remnants of the previous night’s madness. Surprisingly, vacuuming helped me forget about my hangover.

After completing our domestic obligations, I was ready to fulfill my goal, which was to test one of my favorite recipes on a new oven. I love making Saveur’s Pound Cake but it can be a tricky one, especially with an unfamiliar oven. Christmas is coming very soon and this cake can be quite popular at parties, and just like a sport, I had to practice. It’s a good thing I did because this is what happened.

Burn, baby, burn!

I made the mistake of putting that pan too close to the bottom of the oven. With all the butter on the pan, the outer layer was toasted. Thankfully, I sensed it early enough, moved it, and salvaged the cake.

Perfectly cooked inside!

Hopefully, the next time won’t have any glitches.

My holiday is almost over and I am off to bed pretty soon. Am grateful for this much needed breather but tomorrow is another day.

Trabaho nanaman. 


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