We’ve Got School and Christmas Spirit

So I’ve been doing a lot of non-work related activities, sleeping in and just spending time with family and friends. I’m recharged now and ready to take on the pile of work that I took home. But before I immerse myself in marking papers and Statistics, here are some pictures from the madness that was the last week of work. Boy, am I grateful for our long break…


In order to raise funds for their awareness campaign on internet safety, the 8th grade students organized a school fair. They raised a total of 53,113.75 Php and will now be able to pay for the production of their merchandise.

The students had an amazing time, but more importantly, they also realized the value of hard earned money. I was (still am) extremely proud of them.

The face paint booth’s slogan was “NO H8.” I hope the kids were able to start an awareness on being kinder online. 
Lots of awesome prizes at the balloon dart booth!
Kids and chocolate always go together.
View from the front. The gym was buzzing with fun and excitement!


Since September, the teachers and students in of our Primary Years Programme had putting hours of practice into staging a Christmas play. I hardly had any involvement in this but had a feeling that something spectacular was brewing.  True enough, the dedication coming from the production crew paid off and it was the best Christmas play that our school ever staged.

After an inspiring talk from their director, the kids were all set for their first show.
By far, the cutest nativity scene I have ever seen.

The kids had an amazing 3-day run and impressed all their teachers and parents. The money that they raised was used in buying Christmas presents for our school’s staff and custodians.

All this happened in one day and I remember feeling like I was going to collapse from exhaustion. And although I still had to drive to my evening Statistics class, I couldn’t help but feel grateful because I was reminded of why I fell in love with this school in the first place. I work in a school where people are willing to give more than they receive; where love supersedes all differences. I only hope that this feeling prevails even after Christmas has passed.

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