A Travel Journal On Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia has always been on my checklist of places to see before I die. Made famous in numerous lists of “Best Beaches Around The World” and through a book that was turned into a movie, I was ecstatic to finally be heading to one of the proverbial honeymoon destinations. In a red-eye flight haze, I landed on Balinese soil and was ready to fall in love. Except, I didn’t. Kuta, the area we chose for our first night, was far from what I had imagined Bali to be. It was congested, loud and unpleasant. An assault to the senses. I took into consideration that we were there for the holidays and that it was doubly crowded, but I was finding it hard to see the island’s charm. Thankfully, Bali had more to offer than just batik-shopping and poolside boozing. The next day, we headed to the quieter side of the island.

Tulamben's red sand beach.

Tulamben is small fishing village in the northeast of Bali, about two and half hours from Denpasar. It has become quite famous for the Liberty wreck dive, which my boyfriend was excited about. I, on the other hand, was looking forward to  a reunion with a former headmaster.

Mike and my old headmaster, PR, having a chat on the balcony with Mt. Agung behind the trees.

It was on this side of the island where I started to fall for Indonesia. With it’s red sand beaches and still waters, I started to feel the famous Bali high.

A lovely day on the beach while the boys dove the Liberty wreck.

After a restful four day stay with friends, we headed to one of the Gili islands, near Lombok. We discovered that getting there for the first time was not an easy journey, but was certainly worth the trouble.

Our three main stops in Indonesia - Kuta, Tulamben and Gili Air (image taken from Google Maps)

Among the three Gili islands, Gili Air is the perfect in between. It is active enough to keep you entertained during the day, and has a string of restaurants that are conducive for early night socials.

Our wonderful dive instructors from Karang Divers, Dante and Alex after two relaxing dives by Gili Trawangan.

Water fun for everyone, but it seemed like everyone preferred to sit and lounge around.

The hottest seafood griller at our favorite restaurant (Chill Out Bar) - Susi.

It is still a relatively young beach destination and does not pose a threat to anyone’s personal space. With it’s warm waters, quiet shores and diverse marine life, it won’t be long before this island is flocked by sun worshippers like myself.  It is hard to impress an island girl who comes from a country with white sand beaches, but Gili Air took my breath away.

Taken on the first day of 2012.

Taken during a quiet afternoon walk to catch the sunset.

Meeting up with friends on the island to share the view.

My 11- day sojourn in Indonesia was not your usual beach getaway. It was filled with obstacles that we happily endured in order to be able to explore another part of the world, which I now have fond memories of. My experiences in Indonesia are growing on me even more and this holiday stands a chance at becoming an all time favorite.

3 thoughts on “A Travel Journal On Indonesia

  1. It’s funny you say it’s hard to impress you bc you’re spoiled by Philippine beaches! I have yet to be impressed by a beach in the Philippines, because I’ve been spoiled by Brazilian beaches! (Truly white sandy beaches, no rocks, no need to look down while you walk in the water, just soft white sand under your toes… I miss it!)

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