Confessions Of A Former Runner

Once upon a time,  I enjoyed waking up at the crack of dawn to get a decent run in before work; I looked forward to doing speed drills with friends who giggled and panted through the pain caused by lactic acid; I claimed that long runs were necessary to maintain my sanity and that I would run marathons for the rest of my life.  Once upon a time, I was a runner.

The photo that brought back so many wonderful memories of my first marathon (The Bull Runner Dream Marathon), made an appearance on this month's Runner's World Philippines. Thanks for the heads up, Jaymie!

These days, the thought of going past 10 kilometers makes me shudder and sleeping in always wins. My running gear has gone untouched and my running shoes are getting crusty. Muscle memory is lost and the only thing I can remember is how painful my last marathon was. Will I ever enjoy running again?

Bic and I, giddy after finishing our first 42K run.

But I do miss running; I miss watching the sun rise during a quiet and solitary run; I miss eating whatever I want and not worrying about gaining weight; I miss large breakfasts with my favorite running friend; I miss the camaraderie that is brought about by an excruciating 4 hour run; I miss the sudden boost of energy from my favorite running song; I miss the sound of my breath synchronizing with my feet on the pavement; I miss the road.

This week marks one year since my last marathon and I am feeling kind of nostalgic about it. I am somewhat  jealous of how this year’s participants must be feeling right now –  the anticipation of running under different conditions, the excitement of being amongst thousands of runners and yes, even the anxiety of being able to meet that new PR.

I have no plans of running a marathon at the moment, but I do wish to get back into a regular running routine. I hope this happens sooner than later.

So good luck to all the Condura Skyway runners. I wish you all an enjoyable and memorable run!

P.S. Don’t make the mistake of tying your shoelaces too tight, like I did. ;-)


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