Confessions Of An Absentee Blogger

I have an excuse! I promise!  Work called for my undivided attention and deadlines had to be made. But I am happy to report that all deadlines have been met. You may now call me the Queen of Time Management. After surviving our recent report card season, I was quickly thrown into finals week for grad school. Yes, Little Miss I Can Do It enrolled in three classes during the last semester and suffered.

It was not pretty. Bless my patient boyfriend’s heart for putting up with several moments of exhaustion-induced tears. I am extremely close to the finish line with just one more requirement to complete – my thesis proposal, which is very apt, by the way.

So please forgive me for disappearing, but between teaching and studying, blogging was really the last thing on my mind.

Thankfully, I was able to sneak in a few breaks.

Top L-R : Dinner for my niece, Angel on her birthday, visiting my brother-in-law’s farm to meet the tiger cubs, Korean dinner with the best friend, and out with my niece Angel. 

My brain is exhausted but I am extremely grateful that the most difficult school year of my life is almost over and that I can take a break from grad school.  

It didn’t kill me, and I am, in fact, stronger.


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