China Food Tour

I’m back from a 6-day field trip to China with my seventh grade students. Here are some of the dishes that we had in Beijing and Xi’an. Very different from the Chinese food that we know of here in Manila.


No meal is complete without tea. Restaurants only serve cold water upon request.

Duck carver. This was taken during our duck banquet where all the dishes had duck in it, but nothing beats roast duck.

Wrapped in Chinese pancake with a slice of cucumber, spring onions and some hoisin sauce - heavenly.

Stir fry duck with vegetables.

Salt and pepper duck. Second favorite, next to the roast duck.

Another duck dish with spring onions, mushrooms, glass noodles, and bean sprouts.


Stir fried beef with cabbage, served with a sweet potato pancake. Interesting dish.

Steamed fish with soy sauce.

Duck over sticky rice. The duck was succulent and the rice was savory and rich. Tea was necessary.

A Buddha made of salt, served with a duck stir fry.

Chinese street food - pancake with spring onions, chillies, lettuce and a crispy filling. It was very savory. I would have added a dash of sugar to add more flavor to it.

Now, how do you say, “bon appétit” in Mandarin?


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