Let’s Play Catch Up

A lot has happened since the previous month has passed, and I have a valid excuse for my blogging hiatus. From finishing all my work requirements, to completing my final semester’s grad work, to moving apartments – I was swamped. So swamped that I coudn’t be bothered to blog because all I really wanted to do was get the work done and start my summer holiday.  The great news is that I was able to survive the worst school year of my life, I passed all three subjects that I enrolled in one semester, passed my comprehensive exams, successfully moved to our new apartment, and am now on holiday with Mike. Phew is right. So I think you’ll forgive me for being away for a over a month.

So while I sort through my backlog of posts, here are a few photos to keep you up to speed. Details to follow.

My best Instagram shot so far. Taken from my classmates apartment during a study group session, overlooking the golf course in Makati city.  All four of us passed our comprehensive exams and I am extremely grateful for all their help. 

A snapshot of our first day of moving into our new apartment. I, unfortuntaley, had to do most of the work since Mike still had to teach for a week. Thankfully, I had so much help that I was able to move us in without a hitch. We still haven’t unpacked as we had to leave for Canada, but I am extremely excited to fix the place up. It’s going to be a great home and I can’t wit to settle in. Watch out for more pictures .

And finally, a respite from all the chaos of the last few months. While Mike went on a dive trip, I went on a solo trip to my favorite getaway in the Philippines. It was a lovely time with myself where I was able to detoxify. You can’t imagine how much I appreciated all the quiet time. It was a wonderful way to start my summer holiday.

More to come on our holiday here in Canada.


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