Summer Lovin’

To kick start my summer vacation, I went on a trip by myself to Dumaguete, my favorite destination in the Philippines. After all the chaos from work and packing our apartment, I desperately needed some alone time. Although I find blogging quite therapeutic, just being on a computer would remind me too much of work, so even that wasn’t allowed on this 3-day getaway. Even if I did, the gods seemed to be in favor of a proper time out as the electricity went out for two days while I was out there. I had no choice but to eat, read and sleep…and sleep some more. It was perfect.

It’s typhoon season in the Philippines so I listened to the waves crashing and read books all day long, right on that hammock on the left.

One of the things I look forward to when visiting Kookoo’s Nest. Best food for only 350 Php ( approx. 8 USD).

Of course, some puppy love from Toby and Bella. Barney, Daisy and Sally are not in picture.

Two days later, rejuvenated and rested, Mike and I left for Canada where I would meet his parents for the first time. Gulp.

Celebrating Mike’s dad’s birthday.

Indulging on all the berries which are very expensive in Manila.

I’m not one to constantly drop hyperboles, but I’ve truly met some of the loveliest people since we arrived a week ago. My boyfriend’s family has been nothing but wonderful. Kooky and wonderful, and I mean that in the most endearing way.

Tomorrow we leave Toronto to drive up to their family cottage in upstate NY to continue on with our very relaxed summer holiday.  The plan is to not have a plan so we’ll see how it goes from there. ‘Til the next summer post.


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