Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Here are some photos that I took from our recent trip to Mike’s family cottage in Mountain View, New York. It was my first morning there and it was very cold. And by cold, I mean 12˚C.

That’s me sitting in front of the heater. I was freezing!

Now, tell me, do you see anything strange in the third photo? I don’t really believe in ghosts (although I do scare quite easily), but this photo made me think otherwise.

These photos were taken with a digital camera, in case any of you paranormal analysts want to know.

Tell me what you think, but what I’d really like to hear is a technical explanation of how this could have been an effect of the camera.


2 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Ghosts?

  1. Great photo if I’m seeing what your seeing, to the left of you in front of the shoes on the floor, I see, what look’s to me like man’s shoes, legs in pants then fades as it gets higher. From what I have seen in “full apparition photo’s” they commonly fade out in your case as it goes up, I think you have something there. Is there a history to the cabin? other events even on the land? would like to know, as I am currently blogging on the renovation of our newly acquired home that to my surprise has activity……regularly

    • It’s my boyfriend’s place and they’ve never encountered anything there in the 42 years that he’s been going there. The property used to be a hotel resort. No strange stories were told when I was there…

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