Kimchi Jigae For The Drenched Soul

Makati City from our apartment. It’s been gloomy for the past three days. This rain has got to stop.

About 2cm of water on our balcony. We have to constantly watch the drains, or else the water will seep through the cracks and will flood our apartment.

Once again, Manila has been hit with relentless, torrential rains. School and most offices have been closed for the last three days due to flooding. Metro Manila is in pretty bad shape right now. To be honest, I was pretty excited that we were actually getting a typhoon day. Who doesn’t like staying home from work, right? But then it stopped being fun and I realized how insensitive I was for cheering on the rain. So for that, I am truly sorry. 

Here are some photos from CNN on the flooding in Metro Manila.

So while on house arrest, I’ve tried to do some work, but have also kept myself busy in the kitchen. Today, I attempted to make kimchi for my kimchi jigae (kimchi soup)  and here’s how it turned out.

Ingredients: radish, spring onion, chives, ginger, garlic, red pepper flakes, shrimp paste, fish sauce and sugar

This is your kimchi “rub.”

Rub the mixed ingredients from above on some Chinese cabbage that was previously soaked in salt water. Make sure to rinse the cabbage well to remove all the salt.

Ta-dah! My first batch of kimchi turned out great. Perfect for come kimchi jigae in this gloomy weather.

To make your kimchi jigae, saute some slices of pork belly with a red onion. Cook for 10 minutes or until pork is tender. Add 2 cups of kimchi and cover with water. Simmer for 30 minutes. I added glass noodles to my soup but you don’t have to. You can also replace the pork with tofu if you want a vegetarian dish, or add both.

Meanwhile, let’s hope that the rain lets up soon. It’s still pouring as I type and it doesn’t look like the rain is going to stop anytime soon. If you want to help Manila out, here’s how.


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