David Liebowitz’s Cheesecake Brownies, Revisited

If I could describe my weekend through a recipe, this would be it – decadent and fuss-free.


I’ve been working harder than usual for the past twee weeks, in anticipation of report card season, so a Sunday in my pajamas and a batch of this treat was a welcome respite.  I’ve always loved David Liebowitz’s cheesecake brownie recipe, and it never fails to satisfy the need to indulge. For this batch, I used garbanzo flour since that’s all I had in my pantry. The result was a nuttier brownie with a less chewy texture. Not as rich as the original recipe, but good enough. The silver lining? I didn’t feel so guilty about the fact that I four portions in one sitting.

One thought on “David Liebowitz’s Cheesecake Brownies, Revisited

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